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Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Best Things In Life Are Free … Books

Another week, another freebie giveaway. This week your generous benefactors are Hachette Ireland, and they’re giving away three copies of Arlene Hunt’s latest offering, UNDERTOW. First, the blurb elves:
A missing boyfriend … a heavily pregnant girlfriend … just another ordinary case for QuicK Investigations. But the trail they follow suggests something far from ordinary. Who is Orie Kavlar and why has he gone to ground? What is the connection to the body of a dead girl found on waste ground in Sandyford? And what is his relationship to Darren Wallace, ex-gangland criminal? With their personal relationship at a new all-time low, Sarah and John are straining under the weight of their own problems, such as the murder of Sarah’s ex-boyfriend Vic. Vic was a dangerous psychotic, but murder is murder. So why won’t she accept John’s help? In no time John and Sarah’s investigations alert others to their search, and as they dig deeper into Orie Kavlar’s life, one man decides he has too much to lose to allow them to continue. Sarah and John are about to be caught up in an undertow of violence that will suck them into their most perilous case yet.
  Coolio. To be in with a chance of winning UNDERTOW, just answer the following question.
The coolest ‘hunt’ title of all time is:
(a) THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER by Davis Grubb;
(b) THE HEART IS A LONELY HUNTER by Carson McCullers;
(c) THE HUNTER by Richard Stark;
(d) MEMOIRS OF A FOX-HUNTING MAN by Siegfried Sassoon.
  Answers via the comment box, please, leaving an email contact address, as always using (at) rather than @ to confuse the spam-munchkins, before noon on Monday, September 22. Et bon chance, mes amis


Darina said...


pinkie said...

The Hunter BY Richard Stark

Declan Burke said...

Thanks for coming along, folks ... you're in the draw. Pinkie? I might be needing your email address ... Cheers, Dec

pinkie said...

pinkie's E-mail ADDRESS

Keith Rawson said...

(a) THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER by Davis Grubb

We old timers have gotta give these newbies a wee bit of competition
rawsonkeith (at)gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Hi Dec

I will go with (c) THE HUNTER as I am a Richard Stark fan.


Anonymous said...

I'll pass the contest,but the coolest title is THE HEART IS A LONELY HUNTER,followed by THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER


Gerard Brennan said...

For me, the answer is very much (b), The Heart is a Lonely Hunter.



norby said...

Well, The Night of the Hunter is a very good movie, but for cool title, I think The Heart is a Lonely Hunter has to be the winner.

norby871 (at)

Helga said...

I think b is the coolest:)

helgabk (at)

David Baynham said...

Ah, tough choice between A and C; but,a) Night of the Hunter made such a great film-a religious fanatic as the 'hunter'. Bob Mitchum in a great performance, who once said he had two ways of acting-with or without the horse. He didn't need one in this role!


Anonymous said...

(c) The Hunter by Richard Stark

pguzzo (at)