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Friday, November 4, 2011

The Devil Is In The Detail

I tend not to cover true crime books on Crime Always Pays, but here’s an intriguing prospect I’ve been meaning to bring you for a few weeks now. It’s THE BOY IN THE ATTIC by David Malone, and sounds as if it’ll make for very fascinating reading. To wit:
The disturbing exploration of a previously unreported murder of a young boy by a Satan-worshipping teenager in 1970s Ireland … On a bright and sunny June afternoon, a seven-year-old boy was left in the care of his teenage neighbour. No one knew, or would even have dreamed of suspecting, that the teenager was a Satanist. The two went out to the fields to look for rabbits. The child was never seen alive again. For the first time, in THE BOY IN THE ATTIC, David Malone reveals the exact events of that summer day: how the youngster was lured to his death, how the teenager came to delve so deeply into the occult, and the nightmarish scene awaiting police when they entered the attic. But there is another disturbing question - how is it that this murder, which was easily one of the most shocking and horrific in living memory, was barely reported upon at all? Why have you never heard of the boy in the attic until now?
  Sounds like the devil, quite literally, is in the detail. For an extract from THE BOY IN THE ATTIC, clickety-click here

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