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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ohmigod: A Royalty Cheque?

Ring the bells and break out the bunting - yours truly received his very first royalties cheque yesterday, which isn’t bad going, considering I’ve been slogging away in the trenches for the best part of a decade now. Not that I’m going to be buying any Greek islands in the near future: the cheque, which arrived from Amazon Digital Services, was for royalties on the e-version of EIGHTBALL BOOGIE, and amounted to the princely sum of $111.97. Still, it’s better than a boot in the busters on a cold day.
  For those of you interested in the gory details, I published the e-version of EIGHTBALL in late February, at the rock-bottom price of $0.99c, upping the price a couple of months later, in an experiment-of-sorts, to $2.99. The new price affected sales, certainly, but not the royalties. To wit:
March: $8.05
April: $14.21
May: $23.27
June: $33.95
July: $32.49
  I should also point out that, with the publication of DOWN THESE GREEN STREETS and ABSOLUTE ZERO COOL in May and August, respectively, I wasn’t really in a position to cheerlead EIGHTBALL in the way I had been in the first couple of months. Still, sales have trundled on regardless, quietly ticking over. All of the above, by the way, relates to, and it’s worth pointing out that Irish e-users buy from rather than, where the e-version of EIGHTBALL has sold very few copies.
  Meanwhile, the book has also been accruing some nice reader reviews. As of this morning, it has seven reviews, six of them five-star, one four-star. The most recent runs thusly:
“1940’s West Coast LA Chandler meets 21st Century West Coast Sligo Burke. The result is an explosive noir thriller with all the usual suspects: tarnished private eye, platinum blond, soft hearted dame, crooked cops, and more wisecracks than you could shake a stick at. Burke’s terse and pithy sentences conjure up the atmosphere with authenticity, style and wit. A convincingly brilliant read.” *****
  So there you have it: EIGHTBALL BOOGIE at $2.99. For all the details, including further reviews, and some encomiums from the likes of Charlie Stella, Val McDermid and Ken Bruen, feel free to clickety-click here


Padraic said...

Have you ever registered for the Public Lending Remuneration scheme Declan? I don't know if it comes in the form of a royalty cheque but thought of it when I saw your post.
I don't know too much about it except that its based on the number of times your books are borrowed from all the Irish library authorities (which could be interesting to know in itself).
With Green Streets and AZC out this year its probably a good time to register if you haven't already.


Anonymous said...

publish them on the B@N site for nook ereaders.

mystery books luvr said...

Congrats on the royalty cheque- and don't knock it - the beauty of e-book publishing is the ability to get it out yourself. I will have to go add my two cents worth next week, for my kindle and the reviews side.

whisperedwritings said...
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Photographe à Dublin said...


Your probably already know the website.

I found this helpful site as well:

There seems to be great value in having work translated. It's often mentioned as evidence of popularity.
(Stating the obvious...)

Dorte H said...

Yay! Crime always pays - in the end.

And I don´t think it is necessary to sell a good novel for $ 0.99; it just takes some time for the readers to find them.