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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Best Things In Life Are Free … Books

He may be one of the best in the business, but Adrian McKinty hasn’t forgotten his roots. No sir / ma’am. All the way from Australian comes the generous offer from said McKinty of free copies of his latest novel, FALLING GLASS, for readers of Crime Always Pays. Quoth the blurb elves:
An old associate of regular hero Michael Forsythe, Killian makes a living enforcing other people’s laws, collecting debts, dealing out threats. Forsythe sets Killian up with the best paid job of his life. A prominent, politically connected Irish businessman, Richard Coulter, needs someone to find his ex-wife and children. Reluctant to take it, but persuaded by the money, Killian takes the job. Once on the trail, Killian discovers the real reason Coulter’s ex is running, and helps her take refuge amongst his people - a community of Irish Travellers, who close ranks to look after them. McKinty is at his continent-hopping, pacy, evocative best in this new thriller, moving between his native Ireland and distant cities within a skin-of-his-teeth time-frame.
  Sounds tasty. David Park, writing in the Irish Times, liked it a lot. To wit:
“McKinty is a streetwise, energetic gunslinger of a writer, firing off volleys of sassy dialogue and explosive action that always delivers what it has promised the reader. The story is skilfully constructed, and the pace is always full throttle forwards. There is one violent scene in Mexico involving a chainsaw that is definitely not for the squeamish, but it would be unfair to think of the author as someone exclusively reliant on external action. There is, for example, an interesting psychological exploration of Killian’s re-embracing of his half-forgotten roots and the cultural values of the Traveller community. Even the dark figure of Markov, the Russian hitman, gets layered and lightened with some psychological subtleties that are the product of his relationship with his partner, Marina, and experiences of the war in Chechnya that continue to haunt him.”
  For the rest, clickety-click here
  Meanwhile, to be in with a chance of winning a free copy of FALLING GLASS, just answer the following question:
What actor, and why, should play McKinty’s ‘unfuckingkillable’ hero Michael Forsythe when the inevitable movie happens?
  Answers in the comment box below, please, leaving a contact email address (using (at) rather than @ to confound the spam munchkins) by noon on Monday, March 21st. Et bon chance, mes amis


Shane said...

Brian Cowan for me. If he can get away with being leader of Ireland for the last fews years he would easily pull off the roll of a young 19 year old in New York. Mary Harney for Brigid too.

Rick Ollerman said...

I think the easy/safe choice might be Colin Farrell. He could do the "look" well.

Gary said...

Colin Farrell. He has the moves, the look and the star power to make it a major movie.

Gthaden at gmail dot com

Dorte H said...

[When you have absolutely no idea, fake it]

John Hannah (at least he is someone I like looking at). (at)

lil Gluckstern said...

I'll go with Colin Farrell, with Brendan Gleeson around, as they did in "In Bruges."
I listened to Val McDermid's show on the BBC. Nice job, Mr. Burke.


Craig said...

Cillian Murphy. In 28 Days Later he can pull off the "beat to shit but still going" look. Movies like Sunshine and The Wind That Shakes the Barley show his acting skills. Plus, I hear women like his eyes so that'll help get the female demographic into the theater.

parttimesaint at yahoo dot com

Nigel Martin said...

Richard Armitage - Lucas from Spooks. Smooth and psychotic in equal measure.


John said...

Johnny Depp--thin, odd, a little crazy but very cool.

David Baynham said...

Two suggestions for Michael Forsythe from the TV series "Spartacus":
Manu Bennett who plays Crixus; Dustin Clarke who plays Gannicus. both from down under and would be good because unknow to most viewers, have the build, and would be credible in that role.


Rue said...
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Glenna said...

Jonathan Rhys Meyers - I think he has a look that could pull off Forsythe, and he not bad to look at.


Declan Burke said...

I think the guy should be tough-looking, but be a thinker too, know his Aeschylus from his elbow ... Sam Worthington, maybe, or Jeremy Renner. Or possibly Lucas Black, the most underrated actor in Hollywood.

Cheers, Dec

Paul D. Brazill said...

Hugh Grant. Or Tim Robbins.

Michael A Todd said...

What actor - Aaron Paul
And Why - I like the cut of his jib
Spam munchkin confounding email - lightbeeraintbeer (at)

Rick Ollerman said...

I may be optimistic, but my entry was the second comment and I ridiculously neglected to include my e-mail address. So just in case, it is rick at ollerman dot com.

Fingers are crossed...

adrian mckinty said...

Is it telling tales out of school to mention that Colin Farrell turned down the part? It probably is but who gives a shit at this stage.

Back in 2004 the book was optioned by Universal and many crazy ideas were batted around (lets set it in the present day, lets make it a happy ending, etc. etc.) Anyway the movie could only be made if they could "attach" a major star. I know that they offered it to several famous actors and they said no, but Colin Farrell's agents initially said yes before saying no. I think he went on to make Miami Vice instead. Anyway the whole project fell apart, the option lapsed and the movie isnt going to happen.

So I think Rick has to be the winner cos he said it first!

Thank you to everyone else who entered!