“Declan Burke is his own genre. The Lammisters dazzles, beguiles and transcends. Virtuoso from start to finish.” – Eoin McNamee “This bourbon-smooth riot of jazz-age excess, high satire and Wodehouse flamboyance is a pitch-perfect bullseye of comic brilliance.” – Irish Independent Books of the Year 2019 “This rapid-fire novel deserves a place on any bookshelf that grants asylum to PG Wodehouse, Flann O’Brien or Kyril Bonfiglioli.” – Eoin Colfer, Guardian Best Books of the Year 2019 “The funniest book of the year.” – Sunday Independent “Declan Burke is one funny bastard. The Lammisters ... conducts a forensic analysis on the anatomy of a story.” – Liz Nugent “Burke’s exuberant prose takes centre stage … He plays with language like a jazz soloist stretching the boundaries of musical theory.” – Totally Dublin “A mega-meta smorgasbord of inventive language ... linguistic verve not just on every page but every line.Irish Times “Above all, The Lammisters gives the impression of a writer enjoying himself. And so, dear reader, should you.” – Sunday Times “A triumph of absurdity, which burlesques the literary canon from Shakespeare, Pope and Austen to Flann O’Brien … The Lammisters is very clever indeed.” – The Guardian

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Best Things In Life Are Free … Books

Tony Black regularly gets raves from the likes of Ken Bruen and Irvine Welsh for his Gus Dury novels, but he’s stepped away from the persecuted Gus for his latest outing, TRUTH LIES BLEEDING. Quoth the blurb elves:
Tony Black moves away from the noir of his Gus Dury novels with this terrific police procedural featuring Detective Inspector Rob Brennan. Four teenagers find the mutilated corpse of a young girl stuffed into a dumpster in an Edinburgh alleyway. Who is she? Where did she come from? Who killed her and why? Above all, where is the baby to which she has obviously recently given birth? Inspector Rob Brennan, recently back from psychiatric leave, is still shocked by the senseless shooting of his only brother. His superiors think that the case of the dumpster girl will be perfect to get him back on track. But Rob Brennan has enemies within the force, stacks of unfinished business and a nose for trouble. What he discovers about the murdered girl blows the case – and his life – wide open.
  The good people at Preface Publishing have been kind enough to offer Crime Always Pays three copies of TRUTH LIES BLEEDING to give away free, gratis and for nuffink, and to be in with a chance of winning a copy, all you have to do is this:
Recommend for the delectation of your fellow readers another novel with a title containing the words ‘Truth’, ‘Lies’ and / or ‘Bleeding’ (bonus points for novel titles that offer combinations of said words).
  Answers in the comment box below, please, leaving a contact email address (using ‘at’ rather than @ to confuse the spam munchkins). All submissions go into my bobbly hat. Closing date is noon on Thursday, January 27th, et bon chance, mes amis.


JZID said...

I can't think of anything that would qualify for the bonus points! Anyway, my recommendation Beautiful Lies by Lisa Unger. contact: mxyptlk77 at comcast.net

Anonymous said...

How about...
Where the truth lies by Rupert Holmes

keithbwalters at virginmedia.com

I too, cannot think of one that includes all three....

Glenna said...

Beneath the Bleeding by Val McDermind


Anonymous said...

Truth - Peter Temple


Dorte H said...

Now I could lie and recommend "Where the Truth Lies" by Rosemary Ingham, but I have absolutely no idea whether I should recommend it or not, so let me cheat a tiny bit by using Ruth Rendell´s "Some Lie and Some Die".

do.hu.ja at mail.tele.dk

Anonymous said...

Bleed for Me by Micheal Robotham

ksales1023 at gmail.com

kathy d. said...

"Love Lies Bleeding," by Edmund Crispin


"Love Lies Bleeding," by Don DeLillo

NQ said...

Bleeding by Hearts by Ian Rankin.

Looking forward to Tony's book. Very interested to see what he does with a police novel.

hullcrimefiction at hotmail.co.uk

Rick Ollerman said...

Edmund Crispin's "Love Lies Bleeding," the fifth Gervase Fen novel.

rick at ollerman.com

A Certain Book said...


City of Lies by R.J. Ellory

mrjpganley at clear.net.nz

Joanne G.

Alan Griffiths said...

Not had a chance to read this one yet but, like Tony Black, he is a terrific author. So:

Choke on Your Lies by Anthony Neil Smith


kathy d. said...

I sent in book title suggestions on Jan. 21, but forgot my email which is: kdurkin@earthlink.net