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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

“But When We Said ‘Stripped-Down Prose’ We Meant … Oh, Never Mind.”

Maxim Jakubowski has more than a couple of projects floating around right now with his editor’s imprint on them - the Dublin edition of SEX IN THE CITY features Ken Bruen, Colin Bateman, Sean Black and CSNI’s Gerard Brennan getting into a sweaty fret over erotic Dublin, while the eighth MAMMOTH BOOK OF BRITISH CRIME collection of short stories is due in the near future - but Maxim’s also got a novel of his own on the way. I WAS WAITING FOR YOU hits the shelves on November 1st, with the blurb elves wibbling thusly:
A young Italian woman flees her home in Rome and gets involved with the wrong man in Paris. Cornelia, the fearless stripper and killer for hire, who proved such a hit in previous novels, is back. And on another mission to kill. As the two women’s paths intersect, an English crime writer down on his luck is mistaken for a private eye and goes on a quest for a missing person. From New York to Paris, and then on a thrilling journey through Barcelona, Tangiers, Venice and then finally to a small medieval town outside Rome, the waltz with darkness of the three characters in search of love, lust and redemption becomes ever more poignant and mysterious. This is a sexy, sad, breathless, a memorable tale of lost souls caught in a spider’s web of their own making.
  Yes, yes, that’s all very fine and well, but here’s The Big Question: Where can we get a poster of that cover?


Maxim Jakubowski said...

No posters, I'm sorry to say. But we have postcards of the cover. Contact me at, if you want some.

Paul D. Brazill said...

Sounds beut. Inspired by Maxim's recent Mullholland Books I've chosen his ON TENDERNESS EXPRESS as my entry to Patti Abbot's Forgotten books series this week.

Police jobs said...

Interesting book. I like the story. I might check it out. thanks for the review.

Sean Patrick Reardon said...

That cover trumps the reporter that is all over the US news for being harrased by American footballers. Not a only a cool cover, but the best author's name I have ever seen..Good luck Maxim!