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Monday, June 21, 2010

The Loveliest Review In The World

Some reviews are good, some are bad, others are quirky. This review of CRIME ALWAYS PAYS popped up on Smashwords over the weekend, and is without doubt the loveliest review I’ve ever had. To wit:
When I was a kid and it was too hot to play outside, I would talk my mother into giving me a quarter if I didn’t have one, and then I’d grab my bike and hightail it down to the drugstore.
  By the time I hit the railroad tracks I’d be sweating. But downtown they had big trees with lots of shade and the pedalling would be easier.
  I would walk into the drugstore and head down to the comic rack. I would get what I could get for my quarter and head back. Going back I would pedal harder, full of anticipation. Just before I got to the house, I’d make a quick stop at the gas station and get a soda (ok, I had an extra dime.)
  I’d get home, turn on the fan, open that soda, spend a little time looking at that glossy cover and then I’d turn to the first page.
  Man, life couldn’t get better than that.
  Well, this is better than that. Shake a couple of bucks out, grab a Coke and have yourself a nice afternoon in the shade. ***** - Francis Roderick


Paul D. Brazill said...

How fantastic.

Donna said...

Perfect, and brilliant. And absolutely spot on.

Sean Patrick Reardon said...


Congrats, that was a nice review.

Had no idead CAP was on Smashwords. Thank's for the heads up. Can't wait to read it. Smashwords is really cool. I just uploaded my first novel on SW over the weekend.

Naomi Johnson said...

How cool is that? Congrats.

Bill H said...
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Bill H said...

Dec, that is a great review. It fits the book perfectly.

Dana King said...

This review is made even better by its accuracy. That's the kind of book it is.

Kudos, sir.

Declan Burke said...

Much obliged, folks ...

Sean - drop me a line if you want to do a Q&A to plug the SW title ... dbrodb(at)

Cheers, Dec