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Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Glynn Edge Of The Wedge

A couple of very nice reviews for Alan Glynn’s forthcoming WINTERLAND this weekend, with the Irish Independent proclaiming it, “A brilliant Dublin noir thriller by a writer with real international potential.” Nice. Not to be outdone, the Irish Times drafted in John Boyne to review WINTERLAND, who gave it the full half-page treatment and concluded thusly:
“WINTERLAND takes its place as the first contemporary Irish novel to explore the disastrous effects of the property boom and the damage it has done to countless Irish families. For that, and for this thrilling, brilliantly written novel, Alan Glynn deserves enormous praise.”
  Well said, that man, and I’d imagine that those reviews are only the start of something Very Big Indeed. Meanwhile, and staying with the Irish Times, Stuart Neville reviewed James Ellroy’s latest, BLOOD’S A ROVER, throwing caution to the wind in the process. To wit:
“It’s a rare writer who can tell a story of such emotional weight that genre becomes meaningless. That’s why James Ellroy is the best crime writer in the world.”
  So there you have it. “James Ellroy, the best crime writer in the world.” Any takers?


Maxine said...

Gene Kerrigan addressed the disastrous effects of the "bust boom" in Dark Times in the City.

Declan Burke said...

Hi Maxine - He did indeed, and a very fine novel Dark Times is too. But the bust boom is more backdrop in Gene's novel; it takes centre-stage in Alan's. Which is also a very fine novel.

Cheers, Dec

Donna said...

Oooh, the Gynn looks really good - thanks Dec - I'd not heard of that one.

John McFetridge said...

Winterland is a terrific novel.

Ellroy is a particular kind of taste, for sure, love him or hate there isn't much in between.