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Friday, May 29, 2009

Boys Will Wreck Your House, Girls Will Wreck Your Head

How good is John Connolly, really? Well, apparently he can even make Kevin Costner look good. JC is currently suffering for his art somewhere in Maine, although the early news on The New Daughter, based on the NOCTURNES short story of the same name and starring Costner (right, spooky kid in background) and Pan’s Labyrinth starlet Ivana Baquero, should take the sting out of the not-so-splendid isolation. Quoth JC:
The New Daughter, the first movie to be made from my work, is nearing completion. Last week, John Travis, the movie’s very talented screenwriter, saw it for the first time in a small screening room, or at least saw 98 per cent of it, as the last fine-tuning is still being done.
  John, who is a harsh judge of his own work, emerged hugely enthused. I’m sure that he won’t mind some of his comments being reproduced here:
“It’s an adult, very well acted and directed, beautifully shot movie with a real sense of dread the whole way through ... In fact, it’s almost a little Spanish.” … Or “… maybe it’s like David Cronenberg directed it. It’s kind of like A History of Violence, but with monsters instead mobsters ...”
  A Spanish psychological horror flick directed by David Cronenberg? Colour us intrigued …


norby said...

John has been so cautiously enthusiastic about the film that it's almost heartstopping to see him saying such positive things. Now I really can't wait to see the film!!!

adrian mckinty said...

Sounds pretty good to me. Fingers crossed.