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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

JC Vs The Satanists

When is a stalker not a stalker? When he’s a queue. If John Connolly (right) looks out of the windows of his mansion any time soon, to see a man in a shabby raincoat standing at the gates, it’ll be yours truly, waiting not to flash him again (he laughed the last time, and had his coachman lash me with a quirt) but for a copy of THE GATES. Quoth JC:
After finishing THE LOVERS, I worked flat out on THE GATES. It was a labour of love. I so wanted to write it, and I didn’t care if it was going to be picked up or not. Oh, it would have hurt a bit if it had been rejected by my publishers, but I wouldn’t have regretted a moment of the time that I spent writing it. I was able to let my imagination run riot, while at the same time retaining a thread of pure science. At times, it felt like a bit of a balancing act, and I’ve asked the physics department of my old university to check the science to make sure I haven’t mangled some very complicated stuff too much, but I hope that the enthusiasm behind it is communicated to those who read it. We’ll see.
  So THE GATES is a book that combines quantum physics and, well, Satanism, I suppose …
  I. Am. So. There.
  Mind you, it puts paid to my own quantum physics-inspired novel THE GATES, in which computer whizz Bill Gates, ’70s crooner David Gates, and be-mulleted crafty schemer for Ipswich Town FC’s early ’80s UEFA Cup winners Eric Gates all fall into a black hole and come out mind-melded in a parallel universe – a universe where there are no gates, only revolving doors. Oh, the humanity …


Keith Rawson said...

I'm pretty sure Connolly's version of 'the Gates' is going to blow yours out of the water

seanag said...

Oh, I don't know, Keith. Write it, Declan, and we'll see.

Although I do have to say that your universe with no gates does apparently have three.

Anonymous said...


The piper at the revolving doors of dawn

hasn't quite the same ring to it

Declan Burke said...

Keith? Where's the mutual support for a struggling writer, squire? The truth hurts, man ...

Seanag - that's what we in the trade call a 'twist' ...

Anon - "It matters not how strait the revolving doors / How charged with punishment my soul ..." How does that not work for you?

In the end, everything comes back to Floyd, doesn't it?

Cheers, Dec

Peter Rozovsky said...

... and U.S. Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates is tasked with developing a hyper-secret plan to stave off the threat.

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