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Thursday, November 6, 2008

DEAD She May Well Be

Ingrid Black’s latest, CIRCLE OF THE DEAD, is getting a nice little push from Penguin, said push including the publication of an extract from the novel on said flightless bird-type publishing company’s interweb yokeybus. If you ask me, which no one ever does, I’d say that said extract is a bit on the skimpy side, and doesn’t really offer enough for a reader to sink his or her teeth into. Mind you, why would want to bite your monitor screen? And is it even physically possible? Questions, questions …
  Anyhoos, here beginneth the extract:
‘What is it?’ I said.
  ‘Missing person,’ she sighed. ‘Nineteen. Out drinking last night with friends. Left about midnight to make her way home. This morning one calls round to see how she is. Turns out she hadn’t come home all night. Her parents assumed she’d stayed with friend.’
  ‘What’s it got to do with the Murder Squad?’
  ‘The Assistant Commissioner asked me to take a look at it,’ said Fitzgerald. ‘She knows the family. They’re worried. There’s no answer from her cellphone.’
  ‘Do they fear the worst?’
  ‘They’re her parents. Parents always fear the worst.’
  And maybe they were right to do so …
For the rest of the extract, clickety-click here


adrian mckinty said...

sorry mate I've copyrighted that line you owe me five quid.

Declan Burke said...

No, but see, what I did there was took that line and then ... oh.

seanag said...

Declan, what you need to do is cite the original source here and then you can start charging Mr. McKinty for publicity. (Sorry, Adrian, but we do live in a global commercial market. I just need to figure out how I can get some take on the action.)

Declan Burke said...

Seanag - McKinty's in Oz, I think it was for stealing sheep, so screw him. Cheers, Dec

marco said...

Declan,McKinty needs the money.He's himself been sued by Ridley Scott for the costant Blade Runner title puns.