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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Make Mine An Extra-Cheesy Steak

So there I was, with John and Dec’s Most Excellent Adventure looming on Saturday, about to give you a long-winded and maudlin account of THE BIG O’s humble origins and how blummin’ fantastic it is that everything is so blummin’ fantastic, yadda-yadda-ya, when lo! Up popped the lovely people at the Philadelphia City Paper to do it for me. Nice. Better again is the header – ‘Up On Dec’. Carolyn and Char? That’s genius. Sample quote:
“The book was co-published with Hag’s Head Press in Ireland, and they’re what we like to call a boutique publisher — but that’s just code for the smallest publisher in the world. We literally had no money to publicize the book and hence I started up the blog Crime Always Pays to promote both THE BIG O and other Irish crime writers. So in the beginning I was doing 100 percent of the publicity. I don’t know how familiar you are with the crime-writing community, both readers and writers, but it’s the most welcoming, generous and friendly community I have ever come across. At this point they’re almost doing the publicity on my behalf. It’s fantastic, it really is.”
  Did I mention that everything is blummin’ fantastic? Yes? Fine, I’ll get my cloak …


Conduit said...

Great interview, Dec. Have a fantastic time in the States. Do you think you'll have an oppotunity to update us in your adventures?

Peter Rozovsky said...

The October issue of Philly's "Irish Edition" headlines: "Irish Crime Novelist Declan Burke: Bringing New Life to Old Pulp," and on the front page, no less. Don't know about the guy who wrote the article, though. His name sure doesn't look Irish.
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