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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Best Things In Life Are Free … Books

This week’s super soaraway freebie thingy comes courtesy of the generous folk at Brandon Books, who have given us three copies of Paul Charles’ latest, THE BEAUTIFUL SOUND OF SILENCE, to pass on to you. Yes, YOU! First, the blurb elves:
In the ninth DI Christy Kennedy mystery, Kennedy investigates the murder of a colleague whose ‘the ends justify the means’ work ethic created numerous enemies. An annual Halloween Bonfire goes horribly wrong when a body is spotted in the middle of the fire’s glowing timbers. Identifiable only through his dental records, the victim is retired police Superintendent David Peters, an ex-colleague of DI Christy Kennedy. As Kennedy and his team settle down to a painstaking search through Peters’ cases, they soon discover that for the superintendent the means justified the end in solving them, and each case they review throws up another suspect.
  Coolio. To be in with a chance of winning a copy, just answer the following question.
Was Paul Charles’ last book, THE DUST OF DEATH, set in:
(a) London;
(b) Dublin;
(c) Donegal;
(d) Oh for pity’s sake, just give me a blummin’ free book for once!
  Answers via the comment box, please, leaving a contact email address (using (at) rather than @ to confused the spam-munchkins), by noon on Tuesday, October 7. Et bon chance, mes amis


Keith Rawson said...

Was Paul Charles’ last book, THE DUST OF DEATH, set in:

(d) Oh for pity’s sake, just give me a blummin’ free book for once!

rawsonkeith (at) gmail dot com

Gerard Brennan said...

Well, after reading The Dust of Death I know the correct answer here. But I've got a copy of this latest Kennedy mystery already, so I'll keep it to myself.

You might find the answer if you search through my reviews over at CSNI, though.


Katherine Howell said...

I too vote for (d).


katherine (at)

adrian mckinty said...

"Annual Halloween bonfire goes horribly wrong."

Is Ireland the only place in the world that does Halloween bonfires? They dont in America. In England they do Nov 5, bless 'em. Nowhere does the old pagan thing like the celts.

Keith Rawson said...

It depends on where you live, Adrian. Detroit has hell night (I don't know if arson necessarily qualifies as a bonfire?)and out here in AZ nearly every Halloween party I've been to (That is when we don't have fire restrictions due to a lack of wet weather.)has included a bonfire.

Anonymous said...

I gotta answer d. For pity's sake just give me a blummin free book. has to be the best answer option I've ever come across.

*begin sob story to move the heart of the esteemed adjudicator* .. I am but a poor penniless mature age student living in semi-penury in possibly one of the furthest flung corners of the world entered in this competition.*end sob story* I live in Tasmmania. Will that do?

OH and Hi Katherine. Fancy seeing you here.

Sunnie Gill said...

Bugga. Just when you think you've been marginally entertaining and have as good a chance as any, you go and do something stupid like forgetting to turn off the anonymous off. Anyway here I am not so anonymous.

OH and I do know how to spell Tasmania. My brain is fried tonight. Spent 3 hours in class today doing course work, saving as I went and at the end when I did the final save, the computer did a major dummy spit and corrupted the file and I lost the lot.

email address



There that'll fix those spammers.

Helga said...

I must go for (d) since it´s the funniest answer to the question.