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Monday, September 1, 2008

The Best Things In Life Are Free … Books

Bit of a doozy for you this week, folks, courtesy of the outrageously generous folk at Serpent’s Tail. Up for grabs are two – yes, TWO! – sets of David Peace’s Red Riding Quartet, comprising 1974, 1977, 1980 and1983. First, the blurb elves:
Commissioned by Channel 4, Revolution Films are producing three feature films based on the Red Riding Quartet, to be premiered at the Berlin Film Festival before a UK premiere on Channel 4 in spring 2009, with a theatrical release likely to follow.
Nice. As for those pesky critic-types:
‘Breathless, extravagant, ultra-violent’ – Independent on Sunday

‘British crime fiction’s most exciting new voice in decades’ – GQ

‘Brilliant’ – The Times

‘The pace is relentless, the style staccato-plus and the morality bleak and forlorn ... Peace’s voice is powerful and unique’ – The Guardian

‘A triumph of sustained narrative energy that reinvigorates the British crime novel’ – Daily Telegraph
So there you have it. To be in with a chance of winning a set of the Red Riding Quartet, just answer the following question.
Is the real-life ghoul who haunts the backdrop to the Red Riding Quartet called:
(a) The Yorkshire Ripper;
(b) The Yorkshire Pudding;
(c) The Yorkshire Cookie Monster;
(d) John Giles.
Answers via the comment box, please, leaving a contact email address, and using (at) rather than @ to confound the spam-munchkins, before noon on September 2nd. Et bon chance, mes amis


Anonymous said...

Hi Dec

The books sound interesting. My answer is: a)The Yorkshire Ripper.



Keith Rawson said...

Holy crap! Holy crap! HOLY CRAP!

First off, Dec, the answer is:
(a) The Yorkshire Ripper
(D) J. Giles

But I will start the bribery early. Any bottle of Booze you fancy, plus full tuition to any college of Lilly's Choice (Okay, that's going a little too far, but the booze is up for grabs.) The quartet is practically impossible to find in the states! And needless to say I've been chomping at the bit to read 'em!

rawsonkeith (at) g mail dot com

Diane Lawlis said...

Howdy, Dec!

I think the answer is (a) the Yorkshire Ripper.
Sorry, I have no pie to offer you this time but I CAN offer to not comment on your or anyone else's blog or to blog myself on that one day out of thirty I seem to be uncontrollably neurotic.



adrian mckinty said...

Its not Lancashire Hot Pot by any chance?

Declan Burke said...

Folks? All bribes welcome and, well, pretty much obligatory this time out ...

Adrian - what're you trying to do, man, start another War of the Roses?

Cheers, Dec

Anonymous said...

New reader here. Nice blog! Found it through Ellery Queen.

Answer is: The Yorkshire Ripper


Anonymous said...

New reader here follow avidly on today fm first time on the blog.

Answer: The Yorkshire Ripper


Declan Burke said...

Howdy, new readers, and welcome aboard ... mi casa, su casa. Cheers, Dec

Stephen McMullin said...

Haha! Found you! Strange, but when I clicked on your avatar Blogger gave me the "No plebs" finger… Although now I have famous writers leaving comments. Cool.

Oh, yeah, shameless competition entering: It's The Yorkshire Ripper.

Dunno if this'll help my chances any, but I used to live in Chapeltown in Leeds, where the ripper did much of his stuff. Of course, it was all well over by the time I came on the scene… Still! Plus, I know a guy with Peter Sutcliffe eyes.



Jordan McPeek said...

Okay, I'm a sucker for complete sets of things I've only heard about. The answer is (a) The Yorkshire Ripper.


Mack said...

While a Yorkshire Pudding has a certain appeal, I'll have to go with a) The Yorkshire Riper.


Bob said...

Head says Yorkshire Ripper, heart says John "Now hold it there" Giles - especially after reading The Damned United. Head, heart, head, heart, head, heart, which to choose?
Oh alright then it's the Yorkshire Ripper but memories of watching Gilesey in his heyday dismembering members of the opposing team makes this a close call.
Then again as I've already won a freebie (excellent book by Sandra Ruttan), fell free to disregard this.


Declan Burke said...

Gilesy, the gentle assassin ... Mind you, Bob, he could fairly play too ... Bit like Souness. Gosh bless, it's all coming back to me now ... Cheers, Dec

Keith Rawson said...


Thanks for the books. I received them at the beginning of the week and I'm almost done with 1973. Great stuff