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Sunday, July 20, 2008

A GONZO NOIR: An Internet Novel # 13 – Yea, Verily, It Is Accomplished

A Minister for Propaganda Elf writes: “Herewith be the final instalment of Declan Burke’s internet novel, A GONZO NOIR (right), and thank blummery for that, it was all getting a bit ludicrous at this stage. Anyhoo, many thanks to those of you who have stayed the course, and particularly those who have left comments on the various sections – hi, Ann and Gerard. Thanks too to Claire, Gavin and Adrian for taking the time to read and support it, and to Bill Crider, Sinead Gleeson and The Rap Sheet for giving it some oxygen. What happens with the story now we have no idea, but we kind of like the idea of simply cutting it adrift to float around the blogosphere under its own steam, just to see where it might end up. Does the blogosphere have a black hole that sucks in orphaned blogs only to recycle them in a parallel dimension? We can only hope and pray.
  “In the meantime, it is done, over, finito. Make of it what you will. Peace, out.”

The story so far: Failed author Declan Burke (right), embittered but still passably handsome, wakes up one morning to find a stranger in his back garden. The stranger introduces himself as Karlsson, a hospital porter who assists old people who want to die and the hero of a first draft of a novel Burke wrote some five years previously. Now calling himself Billy, he suggests a redraft of the story that includes blowing up the hospital where he works. Intrigued, Burke agrees to a collaboration, but things do not go swimmingly …
  For the reasons we’re publishing a novel to the interweb, go here.
  If you want to skip all that malarkey, the novel starts here.
  If you’re one of the 34,014 readers who have been following the story, the latest update can be found here.
  Now read on …


adrian mckinty said...

Said it before and I'll say it again for all to see, I LOVED the book! And all for free? what more can you want you lucky lucky people.

Congrats on the proofs! (No I didnt say poofs. Dont censor me, man.)

Re: Durrell. Just read page 1, book1 of the Alexandria quartet and you'll be hooked, the prose is so lush, exotic and most of all careful. LD is underrated. His little brother's not a bad writer either, My Family and Other Animals is a cure for all sorts of blues.


Declan Burke said...

Cheers, Squire ... And yes, Durrell's prose is 'careful' ... le bon mot each and every time. Cheers, Dec

Gerard Brennan said...

I had to extend my teabreak to finish this final part, but finish I did! I've plenty to say about it, but it'll have to wait until I've cleared the decks a bit here. Feckin' brilliant though. Excellent work.


bookwitch said...

Yes, I should have been out of the house at least half an hour ago.

Declan Burke said...

Cheers, folks, much obliged. Sorry for screwing with your schedules, like ... all both of you. Cheers, Dec