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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Downey On The Up(ey)

A Minister for Propaganda Elf writes: “Journalist, author and general bon viveur about town Garbhan Downey’s latest offering, YOURS CONFIDENTIALLY, continues to go from strength to strength. Or so the mysterious masked man who dropped off the non-web reviews quoted below late last Friday night announced, before using his rapier to carve a ‘GD’ into our collective left buttock. Serves us right for answering a knockity-knock-knock at the dungeon door in nowt but an apron and oven gloves, eh? You don’t make that mistake twice.
  Anyhoo, those reviews runneth gistly:
“This is one humdinger of a novel, superbly constructed and brought to a majestic conclusion by an author who has proved himself the master of the ingenious and the architect of the amazing ending.” – Lawrence Moore at the County Times

“At times the startlingly fast-moving plot is pretty dark but it’s wickedly funny … Garbhan Downey at his very best with cruel one-liners packed onto every page.” – The Derry Journal
  “So there you have it. The secret to a happy life is (a) buy and read YOURS CONFIDENTIALLY, and (b) never be without a can of rapier-slice buttock salve. Did we mention we’re giving away these ideas for free?”


Gerard Brennan said...

"rapier-slice buttock salve"

Um... that's some label, fellah.


bookwitch said...

That's more than I needed to know.