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Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Best Things In Life Are Free … Books

The wonderfully generous folk at Hard Case Crime – i.e., Charles Ardai – have been good enough to offer Crime Always Pays three copies to give away of the forthcoming Ken Bruen / Jason Starr collaboration, THE MAX, being the third in the increasingly weird ‘n’ wonderful pulp noir series by two of the finest crime fiction scribes in the business. First, the blurb elves:
When last we saw Max Fisher and Angela Petrakos, Max was being arrested by the NYPD for drug trafficking and Angela was fleeing the country in the wake of a brutal murder. Now both are headed for eye-opening encounters with the law—Max in the cell blocks of Attica, Angela in a quaint little prison on the Greek island of Lesbos ...
Erm, just as well this ain’t a family-friendly blog, eh? Anyhoo, to be in with a chance of winning a copy, just answer the following question.
Is the classical Greek poet Sappho most closely associated with the island of:
(a) Lesbos;
(b) Sapphos;
(c) never mind that oul’ shite, is THE MAX illustrated?
To enter, just leave your answer in the comment box below with a contact email address (please use (at) rather than @ to confound the spam-munchkins) before noon on Wednesday, June 11. Et bon chance, mes amis


Alan Cranis said...

The answer is "C" of course!


Thank you,
Alan Cranis
Los Angeles, California

Nathan Cain said...

The answer is A, although C is also acceptable.

Nathan Cain


R. Krauss said...

A) Lesbos


arkay at MidnightFiction period com

Anonymous said...

Don Anderson said...
A or C

Mack said...

The answer is a) Lesbos but, judging from the cover, c) would be really nifty.


Patricia J. Hale said...

a) Lesbos

I'd offer up c) but I don't think the illustrations would be quite up my alley.

Have I told you lately how lovely I think Lily is?


Josh Schrank said...

Sappho was from the island of Lesbos, but I'll have to buy into the majority of the crowd above me and go with "C" and your choice (been stocking up), Macallan, Jameson, Glenfiddich, or Black Bush. I'll even get someone to bake it into a pie. With a metal file in it so you can break into a quaint lil prison and um.. 'rescue' poor Angela.

joshschrank at gmail one of those little dot thingies com

Anonymous said...

Definitely A, although C seems to be a popular answer. Alas...what is the island of Lesbos for 500, Alex.

LiamHoyle at yahoo dot com

Uriah Robinson said...

It seems a lot of punters are very keen to get this book ;o)

(a) plus (c) would be my answer but the more correct solution would be (a).


Gerard Brennan said...

I'll go (a). My missus might start reading this blog now that she's a Declan Hughes fan, so I'm leaving it at that.

Josh - if I win and you need a taker for that Black Bush, I'll send the book to you when I've read it and promise not to even consider putting red lemonade or ice in the whiskey. What say you?



Keith Rawson said...

Is the classical Greek poet Sappho most closely associated with the island of:

(a) Lesbos

rawsonkeith at gmail dot com

Declan Burke said...

Crumbs. If I'd known most of you were fellow perverts, I'd have gone that route long ago ... Cheers, Dec

Josh Schrank said...

Gerard... let me think this one through. You're willing to mail me a dog earred free copy of the book in exchange for only one bottle of black bush? I don't know... I'd consider it if you signed the title page too.

Oh and Dec? Most of us are guys, of course we're perverts.

colman said...

I'll vote d) the book's mine
coleman.keane at

Declan Burke said...

Josh? Pervertedness + bribes of free booze? We must have been separated at birth ... Cheers, Dec

Anonymous said...

the answer is
c would be interesting, do't you just love the covers of Hard Case Crime!!


Gerard Brennan said...

Josh - I think the original offer is more than fair, but I'll stretch my principles to offer some forged signatures. Consider at your leisure.


Anonymous said...

A and C...


Josh Schrank said...


Of course you're right. I let my greed get a hold of me for a moment, apologies all around. It's a deal. The book for a black bush.

David said...


But being me, I could argue any of them!