“Declan Burke is his own genre. The Lammisters dazzles, beguiles and transcends. Virtuoso from start to finish.” – Eoin McNamee “This bourbon-smooth riot of jazz-age excess, high satire and Wodehouse flamboyance is a pitch-perfect bullseye of comic brilliance.” – Irish Independent Books of the Year 2019 “This rapid-fire novel deserves a place on any bookshelf that grants asylum to PG Wodehouse, Flann O’Brien or Kyril Bonfiglioli.” – Eoin Colfer, Guardian Best Books of the Year 2019 “The funniest book of the year.” – Sunday Independent “Declan Burke is one funny bastard. The Lammisters ... conducts a forensic analysis on the anatomy of a story.” – Liz Nugent “Burke’s exuberant prose takes centre stage … He plays with language like a jazz soloist stretching the boundaries of musical theory.” – Totally Dublin “A mega-meta smorgasbord of inventive language ... linguistic verve not just on every page but every line.Irish Times “Above all, The Lammisters gives the impression of a writer enjoying himself. And so, dear reader, should you.” – Sunday Times “A triumph of absurdity, which burlesques the literary canon from Shakespeare, Pope and Austen to Flann O’Brien … The Lammisters is very clever indeed.” – The Guardian

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Embiggened O # 2,001: We’re Coming To America

A Minister for Propaganda Elf writes: Herewith be the cover of the forthcoming U.S. edition of THE BIG O, which hits a shelf near you – providing you’re on the North American landmass – on September 22nd, with which the Grand Viz is tremendously pleased, as it was his favourite of the five options the fiendishly clever cover-art boffins at Harcourt devised. Nice colour scheme, chaps. Quoth the blurb elves:
Karen’s easy life as a receptionist and armed robber is about to change. Rossi, her ex, is getting out of prison any day now. He’ll be looking for his motorcycle, his gun, revenge, and the sixty grand he says is his. But he won’t be expecting Ray, the new guy Karen’s just met, to be in his way. No stranger to the underworld himself, Ray wants out of the kidnapping game now that some dangerous new bosses are moving in.
  Meanwhile Frank, a disgraced plastic surgeon, hires Ray to kidnap his ex-wife for the insurance money. But the ex-wife also happens to be Karen’s best friend. Can Karen and Ray trust each other enough to work together on one last job? Or will love, as always, ruin everything?
  From a writer hailed as “Elmore Leonard with a harder Irish edge” (Irish Mail on Sunday), Declan Burke’s THE BIG O is crime fiction at its darkest and funniest.

Advance Praise for THE BIG O

“One of the sharpest, wittiest, and most unusual Irish crime novels of recent years . . . Declan Burke is ideally poised to make the transition to a larger international stage.” —John Connolly, bestselling author of THE UNQUIET

“Part hard-boiled caper, part thriller, part classic noir, and flat out fun. From first page to last, The Big O grabs hold and won’t let go.”—Reed Farrel Coleman, author of SOUL PATCH

“Faster than a stray bullet, wittier than Oscar Wilde and written by a talent destined for fame.”—Irish Examiner
In other news, the Grand Viz (right) would have it known that he will be callously abandoning his infant daughter Lilyput and the radiant Mrs Viz to attend the Bouchercon in Baltimore, and is planning to travel around the northeast for a week or so afterwards, for the most part in the company of the ever-lovely Kelli Stanley, doing readings and sundry other events designed to keep Princess Lilyput in the style of diaper to which she is accustomed. A number of venues have been good enough to confirm that they will be widening their doors to accommodate the Grand Vizier’s monstrous ego, but any and all suggestions as to interesting venues specialising in crime and mystery fiction would be gratefully accepted. We thank you for your cooperation. Peace, out.


Josh Schrank said...

All hail the pow'r of Declan's pen,
Let readers prostrate fall.
Bring forth the royal royalities and make him rich after all..
Bring forth the royal royalities and buy a round for all...

Dec, that's great news. Now, how far west does the "northeast" include? (oh, and over here we call them chips, not crisps)

Sandra Ruttan said...

Love the cover. They've done an excellent job.

With Bouchercon being in my back yard this year, I'm having a harder time deciding whether or not to go. If you come in early you know where you can stay. I'll just inform Brian. ;)

John McFetridge said...

Fan-fucking-tastic cover.

Great news about Bouchercon, looking forward to it already.

Peter Rozovsky said...

Good news! Good cover!
Detectives Beyond Borders
"Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"

Gerard Brennan said...

One of the coolest covers I've seen in a while.

Fair play to ye, fellah.


Declan Burke said...

Josh - Have book, will travel ... Murder by the Book in Houston have been kind enough to offer me an 'event' ... that far enough west for you?

Ta for the kind comments, folks ... I do like the cover. Remember: always be judging books by their cover ... Cheers, Dec

Anonymous said...

YEA! YEA! Has Murder by the Book posted that event yet? Last email I had from them did not mention any Vizier, Great or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

I like this cover better. Can I change my copy when this is out?

Anonymous said...

Josh means Ohio Declan-he and I both live there ya know. Not anywhere near each other of course...

Josh Schrank said...

I'll second what Norby said... Ohio is the arm pit of America, but it's a great place to do a signing at... Black Sludge is on me.

Declan Burke said...

No date fixed for MBTB yet, Diane - but it'll be some time in the week following Bouchercon. Ms Witch? Behave ... As for Ohio, people - make me an offer I can't refuse. Oh, the Black Sludge ... how could I resist? Cheers, Dec

Josh Schrank said...

All right Dec, I've been causing enough mayhem on your blog, so I thought I'd take you literally on your suggestion. I have four or five independent bookstores in the Columbus/Dayton/Cininnati corridor of Ohio that are open to the idea of discussion/signing events for the Big O. Is it something you'd like pursued, or is your schedule too tight to permit it. I'll even play chauffeur if needed.