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Friday, March 28, 2008

What Lily Did Next

A Minister for Propaganda Elf writes: Erm, Lil’ Lily has done very little, as you might expect. Sleeping, feeding, grizzling, pooping … Lily appears to be very much her father’s daughter. Other than that, however, she has shown very little interest in pursuing the multiple careers of nuclear physicist, concert pianist and Grand Vizieress that the Grand Vizier has planned for her, although perhaps it might yet be a bit too early to expect dramatic developments. However, we trust that by Monday there will have been a breakthrough or two. In the meantime, Mr & Mrs Grand Vizier would like to express their heartfelt thanks for all the messages of goodwill and congratulations they’ve received via blog, email and phone-text, and rest assured they will endeavour to respond to them all, even though it’s likely to take until 2012 to do so. Finally, anyone who loves books and / or children will love this, courtesy of Sharon Wheeler and Kelli Stanley, both of whom obviously have the same identically impeccable taste.


bookwitch said...

Keep those photos coming!

Uriah Robinson said...

What a beauty!

She might be a crime writer after all sleeping all day, crying all night and wanting the bottle constantly.

maxine said...

Yes, but don't forget Ray Milland has already experienced "the lost weekend";-)
Someone wrote "sleeping beauty" in the comment thread to the previous post, and it certainly applies to this lovely picture. What a darling.

norby said...

She's adorable Declan.

I'm sure she'll start playing with that chemistry set any day now.

Sandra Ruttan said...

She's beautiful. What a gem.