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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Phoenix Park Football*

A Minister for Propaganda Elf speaks:
Twenty Major is a blogger. As a result of his blogging, he got a book deal. The first book, THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX PARK, got a bit of a kicking in the Irish print media at the weekend, although The Dubliner magazine did him proud (right). So, in the general spirit of inter-textual flummery that seems to be abroad at the moment, we hereby republish Bridget Hourican’s comprehensive review in full. Just click on the pic to read. We thank you for your cooperation.

This review is republished with the kind permission of The Dubliner.

* With apologies to Eamon Dunphy.


Claire Coughlan said...

Hmm, talk about damning him with faint praise...

Declan Burke said...

Claire - I thought it was pretty strong, myself ... I certainly wouldn't turn up my nose at a full-page review like that. Cheers, Dec

Laura said...

I think a lot of authors would be granted a little more leeway with their first novel, but the bottles were broken and firmly in hand in advance of the release of twenty's book probably because of his already high profile.

I'm still not sure if I'll read it, I can't even bring myself to comment on the blog it feels too much like butting in on a group of lads in the pub, but I agree that this is a well-rounded review and hopefully there will be more.

P.S. Twenty doesn't have a beard.