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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Millar’s Crossing

Crossing over, that is - if the early reviews are anything to go by, it sounds like Sam Millar’s (right) BLOODSTORM could well be the crossover novel that will propel one of Norn Iron’s best-kept secrets into the mainstream, and not a minute too soon. To wit:
“Millar is rapidly building a reputation for pacy thrillers in the crime noir genre. This latest offering, BLOODSTORM, will not disappoint his expanding fan base. Set in his hometown of Belfast, this is a violent tale of murder and revenge told in brutal prose that makes no concessions to the faint-hearted. Millar has a gift for sharp dialogue and a lively imagination to match. He keeps the action rolling from the get-go with a rapid expanding plot that quickly head-butts the reader into submission. Those looking for a comfortable read should be warned. Karl Kane is no gentlemanly Hercules Poirot. Even Sam Spade would be shocked at some of the company Karl Kane keeps and the situations he finds himself in.” – Irish Independent

“Karl Kane takes no prisoners – literally as well as figuratively – in this dark, page-turner of a book. Millar’s ability to tap into the dark recesses of the human mind is brilliantly constructed, page after nerve shattering page. BLOODSTORM is a triumph from a master storyteller. With BLOODSTORM and Karl Kane, Millar has given us his best work since ON THE BRINKS and THE REDEMPTION FACTORY. Highly recommended.” – Irish News

“Gripping and arrestingly violent, BLOODSTORM is a well-written thriller with its share of disturbing insights into the dark side of the human psyche.” – Irish Mail on Sunday

“Millar whips up a storm in this brilliant, fast-paced thriller. Gritty and gripping, BLOODSTORM, is a real page-turner – and indeed a chapter-turner. Anti-hero Karl Kane, is the most original private investigator to grace a book in years. The promise of more to come from this chilling and dark series should keep Millar’s growing army of fans content - at least for the time being…” – Andersonstown News

“BLOODSTORM is a powerful, relentless page-turner of a book, leaving you gasping for more…” – BBC Radio Ulster
Lovely, lovely, lovely. For the skinny behind Sam’s motivation to write BLOODSTORM, which arrived via Colombia in an American penitentiary, jump over here. And Gerard Brennan’s super-cool CSNI is currently hosting an interview with Sam, wherein our hero threatens lethal force against anyone who dares to touch his signed copies of Cormac McCarthy novels. Can’t say we blame him, to be honest ...

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