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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Super Furry Animals

The fantastic folk at Fantasy Book Spot bring us the first sighting of Benny Blanco’s THE LEMUR, the follow-up to THE SILVER SWAN, which is currently being serialised in the New York Times on Sundays. The first paragraph, which suggests Blanco has updated the series a tad from 1950’s Ireland, runneth thusly:
“The researcher was a very tall, very thin young man with a head too small for his frame and an Adam’s apple the size of a golf ball. He wore rimless spectacles, the lenses of which were almost invisible, the shine of the glass giving an extra lustre to his large, round, slightly bulging black eyes. A spur of blond hair sprouted from his chin, and his brow, high and domed, was pitted with acne scars. His hands were slender and pearly pale, with long, tapering fingers — a girl’s hands, or at least the hands a girl should have. Even though he was sitting down, the crotch of his baggy jeans sagged halfway to his knees. His none-too-clean T-shirt bore the legend “Life Sucks and Then You Die.” He looked about 17 but must be, John Glass guessed, in his late 20s, at least. With that long neck and little head and those big, shiny eyes, he bore a strong resemblance to one of the more exotic rodents, though for the moment Glass could not think which one.”
We’re betting it’s Mickey Mouse. For the rest, jump over here


Eimear said...

I noticed on following the link that last year they serialised Ian Rankin's , a caper novel of sorts. More lighthearted than the Rebus stuff, it has plenty of good moments though the plot twist is more than telegraphed in advance.

The last chapter here has links to all the previous ones in the sidebar, though you'll have to avert your eyes from spoilers in the main body of the page.

Declan Burke said...

Ta very much, Eimear, much obliged ... Dec

Eimear said...

Spot my deliberate mistake ... ("Ian Rankin's what?" they ask themselves. Erm, imagine the words Doors Open just before the comma there.)