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Friday, January 11, 2008

Feline Groovy

THE CAT TRAP, the latest outing for Emma Boylan, KT McCaffrey’s intrepid journo-cum-private eye, arrives on February 29, featuring (a) a recently separated Emma (boo), (b) messy allegations of rape against her new partner (boo-er), and (c) a very groovy cover (hurrah!). Quoth the blurb elves:
Investigative reporter, Emma Boylan, has split from her husband and moved in with Detective Inspector Jim Connolly. All is bliss until Connolly’s ex-wife, Iseult, accuses him of aggravated rape. Iseult, with the help of her friends, fabricates ‘compelling evidence’ against Connolly. Her scheme becomes unstuck, however, when her plan is hi-jacked by someone outside her circle and used for a far more sinister purpose. And when Iseult’s corpse is found, her friends go to the authorities with their concocted evidence against Connolly. Only Emma Boylan appears to be on his side but her motives are questioned when it transpires that she and the detective are lovers. When two more victims meet unnatural deaths, and Emma is attacked, she must protect herself while attempting to resolve the mystery, of who has framed Connolly and killed his ex-wife.
It’s early days, we know, but we’re already seeing THE CAT TRAP as a contender for Cover of the Year …

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