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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Yes Sir, We Can Boogie

Jochem over at Sons of Spade was kind enough to review our original humble offering, EIGHTBALL BOOGIE, although we reckon he might have been slightly biased in his opinion given that one of the main characters is called Dutchie. Or maybe not. Anyhoo, the gist of Jochem’s review runneth thusly:
“It could take you some time to get used to the Irish slang and setting but if you do you’ll enjoy this, edged with humour as black as the plot itself. Harry[Rigby] is a Guinness-soaked Philip Marlowe who gets in so many great wisecracks and one-liners this novel would’ve been the one to win the Best Wisecracks 2007 if it hadn’t come out years earlier. A lot of the charm from this book comes from the fact Harry feels like such a ‘regular’ kind of guy. He shows enough grit and smarts to be a satisfying protagonist, making sure you won’t mistake him for a cozy amateur sleuth, but the entire reading you’re not quite sure if he’s really going to make it out alive. A great book if you dig Ken Bruen’s stuff!”
Criminy! Ken Bruen? Truly our Guinness-charged cup over-floweth …

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Linkmeister said...

I looked for Eightball Boogie at Amazon US and see the hardcover is $25.95. Ok, within the price range. For fun I looked at other books Amazon offers from you, sir, and see the Big O is available from one seller only, for (siddown!) $195.36
+ $3.99shipping.

I think that shipping charge is a little steep. ;)