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Friday, December 7, 2007


Break out the Chateau Neuf De Elf-Wonking Juice, people – Arlene Hunt’s latest, MISSING PRESUMED DEAD, goes into mass-market paperback on January 8. So what’s it like, says you? “An escalating thriller … a remarkably prescient read,” cooed the Sunday Tribune. “A very enjoyable, neatly worked mystery, packed with deft characterisation,” purred the Irish Indo. Meanwhile, Ms Hunt’s Dutch debut draws ever closer, with the new cover for VERMIST (right) on show over at her interweb blogging thingy. Quoth the delectable Arlene:
“This is the draft cover for the Dutch edition of MISSING PRESUMED DEAD. It’s simply entitled MISSING and it looks fantastic.”
Pithily put, ma’am, but entirely true. Meanwhile, we’re pretty sure there’s a punchline going a-begging given the way the MISSING PRESUMED part of MISSING PRESUMED DEAD has become MISSING, and how there's a lesson in there for us all about the dangers of being presumptuous, but it’s Friday afternoon and HR Pufnstuf is beckoning to us from his dungeon door, hookah in hand, so you’ll just have to work it out yourselves …


Maxine said...

Stop making me laugh! I'm trying to be depressed.
What an opportunity for a headline, and you sure took it.
The book doesn't sound bad either, if I can find it.

Declan Burke said...

Finding it shouldn't be a problem, Maxine ... it's getting its mass-market release early Jan. But if you do have trouble just let me know, I'll part with my copy ... Cheers, Dec