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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Don’t McCall Us, We’ll McCall You

An intriguing prospect from Derry’s Guildhall Press, people – Felicity McCall’s FINDING LAUREN was only published on November 6 and but is already optioned for development by the movie wallahs. Quoth the Guildhall Press blurb elves:
Regina Monteith must ensure two things before she surrenders to cancer in her eightieth year – that the fortune she has quietly amassed is passed on as she wishes, and that she takes the secret which could threaten this to her grave. Across Ireland, her estranged niece, Cordelia Harcourt, stumbles on evidence that Regina’s policeman son, William, fathered a daughter during a clandestine affair and was involved in the controversial killing which overshadows her own life. A conspiracy of blackmail, corruption and family intrigue is about to be exposed as Cordelia sets about ... Finding Lauren.
Oooh, spooky. Meanwhile, the Derry-based publishing house is in the process of expanding and is on the look-out for ‘exciting, innovative works of fiction’, to wit:
Derry publishing house Guildhall Press is expanding its horizons and has plans to compete with the giants of the book industry. And a first step is to attract new creative writing talent and challenge them to produce exciting, innovative works of fiction. To this end, Guildhall Press is inviting writers across the spectrum of literary fiction to submit their work for consideration. We are looking for confident, fresh, spiky writing from authors who have something to say and want to be heard (and read). Please go to [their interweb page yokeybus] first to ensure correct presentation of material.

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