Praise for Declan Burke: “Burke shows again that he’s not just a comic genius, but also a fine dramatic writer and storyteller.” – Booklist. “Proust meets Chandler over a pint of Guinness.” – Spectator. “Among the most memorable books of the year, of any genre.” – Sunday Times. “A hardboiled delight.” – Guardian. “Imagine Donald Westlake and Richard Stark collaborating on a screwball noir.” – Kirkus Reviews. “A cross between Raymond Chandler and Flann O’Brien.” – John Banville.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

This Little Piggy Went To Market …

Crumbs! No sooner do we stumble across Bob Burke and his inspired creation Harry Pigg – y’know the one, the little piggy who survived the Big Bad Wolf attack – than we discover The Third Pig Detective Agency has been already been signed up by The Friday Project as ‘Nursery rhyme noir’. Quoth Scott Pack of TFP:
“All of us at The Friday Project loved Bob’s book the moment we saw it. He is an extremely funny writer and Harry Pigg is a wonderful character who we hope to see for many more books to come. Imagine Hans Christian Andersen rewritten by Raymond Chandler.”
We’ll buy that for a dollar. Bob? What’s the skinny on The Third Pig Detective Agency, sir?
“It’s my first book and will be published by The Friday Project in Autumn 2008 (press release gubbins is here). Understandably, I’m still getting my head around it but I’m sure things will return to normal sometime in the next 10 years! About myself: I’m a Clareman who (for some awful transgression in a previous life) is living in Limerick. Currently working in IT, I will be finishing up end of September to give the writing a full-time shot (cuz if I don’t I'll always wonder “what if”).”
Well said, sir, and the Crime Always Pays elves wish you fair wind and Godspeed …

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