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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Here We Go A-Carrolling

The promo elves over at HarperCollins were kind enough to send us on a copy of the third in Michael Carroll’s The New Heroes series, Absolute Power, which unprovoked generosity increased our store of Michael Carroll-related info by roughly 100%. A disgraceful state of affairs, that, particularly as Carroll has in the past been short-listed for the Ottakar’s Children’s Book Prize - here’s hoping that that consignment of elf-sized hair-shirts comes through by the end of the week, eh? Anyhoo, here’s an excerpt from an interview with Michael conducted by Fractal Matter that increases the Comic Book Guy quotient of Crime Always Pays by roughly 1000%:
FM: Can you recall where your love of superheroes came from?
MC: “I can! Some time in the early 1970s my dad went to London. In those days travelling from Dublin to London was a big thing. Ireland was in the middle of a very long recession, and we were by no means a wealthy family. Anyway, while he was over there Dad bought me a copy of The Mighty World of Marvel, a black-and-white comic that reprinted some of the early Marvel stories. I’d never seen anything like it! The Incredible Hulk, The Amazing Spider-Man, Fantastic Four… I was completely blown away. Shortly after that, the UK Marvel comics started being imported to Ireland, so I was able to get a reasonably regular fix. Around that time I was also lucky enough to see one of the original Fleischer Studios Superman cartoons on a friend’s television set (we didn’t own a TV at the time - I told you we weren’t wealthy, didn’t I?), and one of my friends owned a little Batman figure with a parachute. I was hooked on superheroes, and especially loved Spider-Man, but what really impressed me was the Marvel UK reprint of The Avengers. My first issue was #16 - “The Old Order Changeth” – the one in which Hawkeye, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch joined the team. I actually still have that comic. Well, most of it: the cover is long gone and I coloured in the splash page …”
Michael? We believe there is help available. But you must want to be cured.

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