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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

From Potter’s Field

Hmmm. Seems we might have been a tad unfair to Mr Books To The Ceiling last week, when we gently rubbished his theory that John Banville turned to writing crime because it was the final and greatest challenge to his Saturn-sized intellect. For lo! T’would appear that one JK Rowling (right) – you may have heard of her Barry Trotter books – is now planning the definitive Scottish crime novel. Quoth the Sunday Times:
Speaking to a reporter at the Edinburgh book festival, [Ian] Rankin told how his wife Miranda had seen Rowling “scribbling away in a cafe recently”. “My wife spotted her writing her Edinburgh criminal detective novel,” he said. He declined to elaborate on how he knew about Rowling’s new direction, but conceded he had not discussed it personally with her. […] Rankin … said her experience of writing fantasy adventure would help with crime fiction. “Her process is classic crime writing - the set-up, the red herrings, the characters who change as they are revealed, the twists and turns, and finally the big line-up at the end.”
It looks like circumstantial evidence to us, folks, but Rankin appears to have a sure touch when it comes to understanding his female peers, especially the bloodthirsty lesbian ones. The clincher? Rowling’s Mr 25% denies all knowledge of a crime novel in the pipeline. An agent playing coy? Now there’s a mystery begging to be unravelled …

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