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Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Embiggened O # 497: Yep, It’s The All-Important Euro Crime Hup-Ya

And there was us thinking all the, erm, fuss had died down. But lo! Euro Crime has taken it upon itself to review our humble offering, The Big O, in the process flabbering our gast thusly:
The Big O has a wonderfully tight and convoluted plot that plays out like a movie … It’s very cleverly done. The action is fast paced and leaves the reader breathless – partly because the book is split into short scenes, each told from the point of view of a different character. Each character has a totally different voice and they are all completely believable. The bad guys are endearing, the good guys are wicked. All of them made me smile. The writing sparkles and some of the dialogue is hilarious. A kidnap caper that is very funny, exhilarating, violent and snappy. A cheeky little feel-good book that will make me smile for months to come whenever I think of it. A hell of a lot of fun.
Which is nice. If you’re wondering what all the, erm, fuss is about, jump over to the Hag’s Head Press interweb thingy for Chapter One. And then tell us via the comment box exactly why Euro Crime got it wrong …

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Maxine said...

Couldn't agree more! It is a gem of a book. No crime reader's year will be complete without it.