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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Yep, It’s Still Millar Time

Crikey! There was us thinking that the publication of Bloodstorm this coming December would be Sam Millar’s big news of the month. Silly us. Quoth Sam:
“I’ve just been informed that French publishing house Fayard has bought the French rights to The Darkness of Bones and The Redemption Factory. This comes on the heels of American publishing house Avalon Publishing Group purchasing the rights to The Redemption Factory. I have just acquired the rights to my best-selling memoir, On The Brinks (it’s a long story, but they are now back where they belong – with me! Funny how you slave over something for five years, only to be told it is no longer yours???), and I am very confident of seeing On The Brinks being purchased in America as well as by numerous publishers in Europe. Oh, and Brandon (my present publishers) will be marking their 25th year in publishing with a release of a collection of work by twenty-five of its crime writers, in Dublin in September, of which I am one. I’ll keep you informed of the exact date.”
Erm, please do. Righty-o, we’re off for a lie-down with the shades pulled down …


Anonymous said...

On a subject entirely unrelated to the gentleman above - Hollywood Station - review forthcoming - by Joseph Wambaugh kicks it Choirboys-style.
Entirely unrelated matter number two - where the fuck is that gangster George Zip hiding out? I should have capped him back in Bolvia in '89. I won't make that mistake again. Believe it.
Keep rockin'!
Bobby the Rookie

Chico 'Chicovich' Ramierez said...

Bobby? You were in Bolvia, the Zip was in Bolivia. Easy mistake to make ... let's hope it's not your last. The Zip, he don't need no stinking batches ...