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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Politically Incorrect Latest: Dudley Do-Wrong Does It Again!

Crumbs! First she starts Murdering Americans, now she's having a go at the 'literary condescenders'. She'll be considering the lilies next ... Ruth Dudley Edwards had a whole lot of fun at the expense of the politically correct and literary anal-retentives over at The Telegraph, to wit:
"There are many consolations for those of us consigned to the category of genre fiction, not least that we are much more popular than our self-consciously literary condescenders. I eschew the company of literary writers; I adore the crime writers. We laugh at the pretensions of those who think themselves our betters and we enjoy each other because our backgrounds and preoccupations are so disparate and therefore so interesting. We include, among our number, vets and spies and solicitors and teachers and nurses and linguists and journalists and erstwhile prostitutes, criminals and murderers."
Erm, how come we haven't run into any of these 'erstwhile' nurses then, eh? For more of the same, jump over to The Telegraph ... but beware, fancy-pants literary-types, Ruth ain't taking no prisoners.

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