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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Lost Classic # 74: Bogmail, Patrick McGinley

Variously reviewed as an "an unclaimed jewel of a book" and a "truly funny, witty and stunningly well-told story of murder in a small Irish village near Donegal," Patrick McGinley's Bogmail (1978) is a dark, twisted and blackly hilarious tale of rural shenanigans in the deepest, darkest Northwest(est). But don't take our word for it: Bogmail got the five-star treatment from Time Magazine, the New York Times, and sundry peers who nominated it for Best Novel at the 1981 Edgars. Which is nice. Are we hereby, forthwith and post-haste demanding its immediate republication? Bet your sweetchips, baby ...

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Kelly said...

I just finished this book which sadly sat in my bookcase and was moved several times. Wow, what a surprise ending!

I figured any book that made it that long in the bookcase and was from Ireland deserved reading by a "Kelly"