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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Funky Friday's Free-For-All: Yep, 'Tis Another Interweb Mash-Up Baloohaha

A good week for Declan Hughes, folks - his debut The Wrong Kind of Blood gets the "packs a punch to the gut and leaves a hole in the heart" treatment from the exquisitely titled Hell Notes, while the follow-up, The Colour of Blood (right), incites, "apocalyptic, Faulknerian tensions" over at International Noir. Ooo-er, Missus ... International Noir also gives Gene Kerrigan's The Midnight Choir the hup-hey, purring that, "few crime novels are as well written as this, and few as ambitious in scope and depth." Mmmmm ... silky smooth. Elsewhere, Bill Crider gives a shout-out to the Busted Flush edition of Vicki Henderson's Miami Purity, which boasts a foreword from Ken Bruen, while Duane Swierczynski's delicious Secret Dead blog reveals that the 2008 NoirCon will celebrate the achievements of "hardboiled / noir publishing legend Dennis McMillan, as well as Ken Bruen, our noir brother from another (Irish) mother." Criminy! Finally, in a brotherhood of man nod to our international brethren, we note that Elmore Leonard has released his 10,007th novel, Up In Honey's Room (left), at the grand old age of 159 ... the bloody slacker. That's all for now, folks and enjoy the weekend ... y'all come back here now, y'hear?

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Serena Joy said...

As always, you've given me plenty to think about -- and plenty of new fodder for my contributions toward keeping the bookstores in business.