Praise for Declan Burke: “Burke shows again that he’s not just a comic genius, but also a fine dramatic writer and storyteller.” – Booklist. “Proust meets Chandler over a pint of Guinness.” – Spectator. “Among the most memorable books of the year, of any genre.” – Sunday Times. “A hardboiled delight.” – Guardian. “Imagine Donald Westlake and Richard Stark collaborating on a screwball noir.” – Kirkus Reviews. “A cross between Raymond Chandler and Flann O’Brien.” – John Banville.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Publication: CRIME SCENE by Casey Hill

THE WATCHED (Simon & Schuster) will be the fourth in Casey Hill’s series featuring forensic investigator Reilly Steel when it is published in December. In the meantime, Casey Hill publishes a Reilly Steel prequel novella, CRIME SCENE. To wit:
Forty miles south of Washington, D.C. lies the small town of Quantico. Situated among lush greenery, the 547 acre property is where FBI recruits run obstacle courses, engage in firearms training and participate in mock hostage scenarios in Hogan’s Alley.   It’s the world budding forensic investigator Reilly Steel was born for.
During her first semester at the Academy, a fatal accident occurs at a student party off-campus, and a fellow recruit is under suspicion. But by the behaviour of the other students and the forensic evidence at the crime scene, Reilly guesses that there is more to the story than meets the eye.
  Will her instincts, and everything she’s learnt at Quantico so far help Reilly uncover the truth behind the victim’s death?
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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Publication: NOBODY WINS by Michael Haskins

NOBODY WINS is the latest offering from Florida-based Irish-American crime author Michael Haskins, and features his series hero, Key West journalist Mick Murphy. To wit:
A simple request of Mick Murphy to find his cousin Cecil Fahey turns into a struggle of avoiding irate SAS soldiers determined to kill Cecil for his IRA activities in the ’80s. Murphy’s quest takes him into the shadowy world of the IRA in Los Angeles, New Jersey and eventually Dublin, Ireland, all the while avoiding efforts to kidnap him and trying to survive attempts on his life. In his quest to locate Cecil and find out who and why someone wants him dead, family and friends lie to Murphy. With a new identity provided by the IRA, Murphy can’t escape his long-time black bag friend Norm’s scrutiny or the MI6 agents following him, while being used to set up an ambush of SAS soldiers. When truths are lies and lies are necessary, Mick Murphy realizes nobody wins.
  For the first three chapters of NOBODY WINS, clickety-click here

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Publication: RED LIGHT by Graham Masterton

RED LIGHT (Head of Zeus) is the third of Graham Masterton’s novels to feature Cork-based DS Katie Maguire; as the title suggests, the story is rooted in prostitution, people trafficking and sex slavery. To wit:
Somewhere in the city of Cork, a woman’s cry echoes through the rainy streets.
  On a bloodstained mattress in a grimy flat, a burly man lies dead. A terrified girl kneels over his body. She is half-naked, starving, screaming. She has been trapped here for three days.
  It doesn’t take DS Katie Maguire long to identify the murder victim. He is someone she has been trying to convict for years - a cruel and powerful pimp who terrorised the girls who worked for him.
  It’s Katie’s job to catch the killer. But with men like this dead, the city is safer - and so are the scared young women who are trafficked into Cork. When a second pimp is horrifically murdered, Katie must decide. Should she do her job, or follow her conscience? Should she allow the killer to strike again?
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