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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bubbling Up Again: Patrick McGinley’s COLD SPRING

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that New Island was republishing Patrick McGinley’s Irish crime fiction classic BOGMAIL, and terrific news it was too. But lo! There’s more! Later this month New Island will publish a new title from McGinley, called (prophetically enough for Ireland in 2013) COLD SPRING, with the blurb elves wibbling thusly:
“He got down on his hands and knees and reached in under the bed where he kept his toolbox. Careful not to make a sound, he searched desperately for a weapon of defence. Then the bedroom door creaked behind him and he knew he was no longer alone in the room …”
  When one of the few remaining villagers in Leaca is murdered, suspicion falls on the one resident Englishman and outsider, Nick Ambrose.
  As tensions rise and old forms of law threaten to impose summary justice, the easy and rich fabric of life that has sustained the town for so many years unravels and tears with shocking results.
  Set in rural western Ireland in 1948, McGinley’s novel is a gripping and powerful exploration of community, violence and Irish ways.
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Darlynne said...

I missed the original news about Bogmail and am thrilled to see there's even more to celebrate. Thank you.

Declan Burke said...

My pleasure, Darlynne.

seana graham said...

I read Bogmail many years ago too, and just recently read one of his called Goosefoot. He definitely has a unique voice. I'll put this on the list.

Declan Burke said...

I got part of the way into Bogmail in January, Seana, and had to leave it to review another book. I think I'll read it and Cold Spring back-to-back ... The little I'd read of Bogmail suggests that it's a terrific book.

Eireann Yvon said...

My comment for "Bog Mail" in french, sorry