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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Another Day, Another $195.36

Linkmeister (we’re not worthy, etc.) very kindly brings our attention (via comment here) to the fact that our humble offering THE BIG O is currently retailing on Amazon.com for the princely sum of $195.36. Yep, that’s right - $195.36 (plus $3.99 post + packaging). And, while it’s nice to know the elves at Amazon.com are every bit as capable at getting it wrong once in a while as the elves here at CAP, even we’d be pushed to justify that kind of extravagance. So, purely as a public service announcement, we would like to gently direct you to the Hag’s Head Press website, where a spanking new copy of THE BIG O is available at a significantly cheaper and – let’s face it – far more plausible cost-to-worth price. No, don’t thank us, we’re only doing our job …


Katherine Howell said...

And what a ripper bunch they are, those Hag's Head folks! I ordered a copy of The Big O in early December, and when it didn't turn up (even taking into account the many miles between there and here [Australia]) I emailed them to check its whereabouts. The lovely people immediately emailed back with many apologies, a new copy was dispatched, and it arrived today. Hooray for everything!

Declan Burke said...

Glad to hear it arrived safe and sound, Katherine ... keep us posted as to how it treats you. Cheers, Dec

Peter said...

Criminy, $3.99 seems a bit high for shipping, doesn't it?
Detectives Beyond Borders
"Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"

bookwitch said...

I was sure it was a signed copy they were selling, and felt ready to cash mine in.