Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Publication: THE LAMMISTERS by Declan Burke

I’m delighted to say that my latest book, THE LAMMISTERS, will be published by No Alibis Press next month. Quoth the blurb elves:
Hollywood, 1923. Having ascended into the pantheon of America’s Most Wanted by dispatching his mortal foes to the holding pens where Cecil B. DeMille keeps his expendable extras, Irish bootlegger Rusty McGrew goes on the lam with the shimmering goddess Vanessa Hopgood, her enraptured swain Sir Archibald l’Estrange-B’stard and Edward ‘Bugs’ Dooley, the hapless motion picture playwright who has stepped through the looking-glass into his very own Jazz Age adaptation of The Pilgrim’s Progress.
  Delighting in rapid-fire dialogue, subversive genre-bending and metafictional digressions, The Lammisters is a comic novel that will likely be declared a wholly original comedy classic by anyone who has yet to read Flann O’Brien, Jane Austen, PG Wodehouse or Laurence Sterne.

  “Hilarious, atmospheric and super smart.” ~ Eoin Colfer; “Declan Burke is his own genre. The Lammisters dazzles, beguiles and transcends. Virtuoso from start to finish.” ~ Eoin McNamee; “Declan Burke is one funny bastard.” ~ Liz Nugent;
  When I first sat down to write THE LAMMISTERS, it was with the idea of writing a comic novel that broke every rule I’d ever been taught. That’s not strictly possible, of course – most of the spelling, for example, is correct – but I did have a lot of fun messing about with my arms, if I might mangle the immortal Cervantes, thrust up to the very elbows in wanton adventures. I sincerely hope that you enjoy it too.
  For all the details, clickety-click on the No Alibis Press website

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