Praise for Declan Burke: “Burke shows again that he’s not just a comic genius, but also a fine dramatic writer and storyteller.” – Booklist. “Proust meets Chandler over a pint of Guinness.” – Spectator. “Among the most memorable books of the year, of any genre.” – Sunday Times. “A hardboiled delight.” – Guardian. “Imagine Donald Westlake and Richard Stark collaborating on a screwball noir.” – Kirkus Reviews. “A cross between Raymond Chandler and Flann O’Brien.” – John Banville.

Monday, July 9, 2007

The Embiggened O # 2,431: The Future’s So Bright We Gotta Wear Critical Mick’s Shades

It’s not often we quote Critical Mick here on Crime Always Pays – just every second day or so, enough to keep him from demanding jelly babies with menaces. But we couldn’t help ourselves stealing wholesale from his review of The Big O, mainly because he was so unusually unCritical*, to wit:
“Mick says: the dialogue, characters, plot and action were swift, sharp and entertaining enough to merit the suspension of disbelief. The same way that Training Day is a great movie despite the yawning implausibility of its crucial coincidence. Yes, the same way that 2006’s Running Scared ran so fast and slick. Winners all, big time. Riding the movie theme hard into this review’s conclusion: The Big O is the stuff Tarantino or Guy Ritchie would make into a film, a great fun film like Snatch, Layer Cake or Get Shorty. Filled with as many great characters as Pulp Fiction or (my personal fave 90’s crime flick) Things to do in Denver When You're Dead. Burke’s The Big O would inspire a classic full of tough crooks, wise cracks, drugs, flash and boobies. “Wow,” viewers would say. And then the hippest moviegoers, leading their hot redheaded dates outta the cinema, slipping on their designer shades, would say, “Yeah, but have you read the book it was based on? The book was better.””
Huzzah! We’ve been Micked and lived to tell the tale! That’s another one to tell the grandkids …

*Actually, he was very Critical. But we cut out the bad bits. As you do.